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Meet the moggies

I currently have 7 cats in residence with me, and 8 either already in their forever homes, or in foster homes that are hoping to become forever homes if all goes well.

You can find out all about them here, from how they ended up at Holly’s Merry Moggies to which type of treat they like best.

Moggies in residence

These are the cats that live with me in my specially adapted home. There are no cages or ‘chalets’ here: they all have the run of the house, plus the more able-bodied kitties have access to a catio for outdoor adventures.

Due to their conditions, the cats have to be indoor, but I make sure to provide a tonne of fun and stimulation to make up for not being able to chase birds.






Smol Paul


Moggies in foster

These are kitties who came to the rescue at a difficult time in their lives, but have since fully recovered and found either a forever home, or a foster home that will hopefully become a forever home after a trial period.


Max Cuddles


The Greybies




Over the rainbow bridge

So far, only one of my kitties has passed on, but she was an extremely special old lady, and has become the patron saint of the rescue.

Furious Maud

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