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Holly’s Merry Moggies

Holly’s Merry Moggies

A loving lap for the neediest cats

Hello, cat fan! I’m Holly. Thanks for visiting my little shelter.

Holly’s Merry Moggies is a small residential cat rescue in Nottingham, England. I take in cats who are urgently in need of a home, especially those who are elderly, ill, disabled or traumatised.

Kitties that need medical care and TLC are rehabilitated here for as long as it takes, then I find them a suitable forever home (with the option to come back any time, for life). More challenging cases, such as severely disabled or very old cats, move in forever to enjoy the love and care they deserve for the rest of their days.

As you can imagine, caring for unwanted and often very unwell cats is a lot of work and extremely expensive. The kitties and I rely on kind gestures to keep us going, whether it’s donating a treat or sponsoring us every month. Find out more about how you can help keep them purring here.

Meet the moggies

Smol Paul



More moggies this way ➡️

How you can help

It’s a pretty expensive time to be running a cat shelter, especially with all the extra kitties losing their homes due to the cost of living crisis. I fund as much as I can myself, but the truth is I wouldn’t be able to do this without support from kind-hearted cat fans.

Every little bit helps, whether it’s a one-off donation via PayPal or Ko-Fi, ongoing support via Patreon, granting a kitty’s wish from the wishlist or just leaving a kind comment on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you ❤️

💡 ‘Moggies’ is British slang for cats.