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The Greybies

Earl & Lady Grey

December 2020

January 2021

April 2021



Lady is the long-haired one, and Earl is the short-haired. They play and wrestle and cuddle each other, and it’s the sweetest thing. I’m so glad I managed to persuade the people who sold them to give me both, rather than separating them.

I took over hand-feeding, introduced them to a fluffy mum-substitute robot, and eventually — thanks to my brilliant vet and the wonderful Kerry at Broken Halo Rescue — placed them with a foster mum who adopted them as her own.

Since then, Earl and Lady Grey — aka the Greybies (grey babies!) — have grown unbelievably fast, to the point that they’re almost as big as foster mum Princess!

Can you believe these are the same kittens!?

They gradually weaned themselves off Princess’s milk and onto solid food, which meant it was time for them to find their forever home. Princess seemed to be getting a bit bored with being a milk machine, and was mostly leaving them to their own devices, so we knew it was the right time for everyone.

After lots of discussions with potential owners (unsurprisingly, lots of people wanted these two beautiful fluffs), I found the perfect home, with my long-time friend, HHMM patron and veteran grey cat owner Mari. In the last year, she’s sadly lost three of her brood to old age: one aged 19, and two aged 20. If that doesn’t tell you what an amazing owner she is, nothing will!

Last weekend, the Greybies went to their new home, and I’ve been absolutely loving receiving updates about how they’re doing.

Mari and her partner have named the kittens Earl Watson and Lady Sherlock (Sherlock is the one with the longer fur) and they’ve already taken over their new home — with the permission of resident kitties Totoro and Mycroft (both grey, of course!).

And you can keep up to date with how the Greybies are doing by following Mari on Twitter and Instagram.

This whole situation has brought so much joy from what was originally a sad event, and proved that if you do what you can to help others, it comes back to you tenfold. Feeding the Greybies every 3 hours round-the-clock was gruelling, but seeing them settle with Princess made us all cry happy tears, and now they’re living their best lives in a big house full of toys with two people who are over the moon to have them.

I hope seeing this extremely happy ending has brought a smile to your face, too, and reminded you why you support my little shelter. I appreciate you ❤️

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