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Smol Paul

Precious baby with wobbly cat syndrome (Cerebellar Hypoplasia)

October 2020

November 2020

Food (all kinds), Shenanigans, Posing

The Outside

Right after the crow incident, I got a message about a kitten that urgently needed a new home.

He was the only one in his litter to have cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition better known as ‘wobbliness’. It’s caused by a virus the mum has while pregnant, and it causes the movement centres of the brain not to develop properly.

That means Smol Paul (as he’s currently known — “smol” is internet speak for “small”) will always be wobbly. But he’s never known anything else, and he is INCREDIBLY playful and active. In fact, he has insane core strength and can stand up for ages!

His home was, shall we say, not the best. It was thick with cigarette smoke and he smelt of it for days after. He was crawling with fleas. And although his owners said he was 8 weeks old, I estimated 6 when I saw him, and my vet said the same. In other words, far too little to have been taken from his mum (who was elsewhere, so he’s already had 3 homes), thus I had to feed formula as well as wet and dry food. 

Paul is a real handful, as all kittens are, plus the issues of not being properly nourished, needing flea treatment and bathing (he was quite dirty), recovering from inhaling lots of smoke (he was wheezy the first couple of days), needing to be litter trained and properly weaned onto solid food, and of course needing to be constantly supervised so he doesn’t hurt himself from being so small or so wobbly.

Despite all this he is a ray of mischievous sunshine and I absolutely adore him. I will definitely need lots of help getting the flat equipped for him with things like cat steps to help him get onto things without falling, so I’ve updated the Amazon wishlist for the shelter if you’d like to send him anything. You can also increase your pledge on Patreon (although bear in mind it’s monthly!) or send a one-off donation via PayPal if you want to, but he’ll be loved and looked after either way.

Here’s a video of the little guy having the time of his life fighting a pretend bird. He’s the best. 

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