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Fluffy Little Sheep

October 2006

December 2020

Sunshine, Being outside on the catio


Meemoo has been moved around a fair bit. I don’t know her earlier history but at some stage she was up for adoption at Cats Protection, where she was taken in by an older lady. That lady had her for three years but sadly developed dementia, and recently passed away. Meemoo then went into a foster home, but didn’t get on with the kitties there, so now she’s come to Holly’s Home For Manky Moggies.

And what an amazing addition she’s been!

Enjoying a fuss on her first day in the flat

Meemoo is 14 years old, a mega-floofer with incredibly soft fur, and a torbie (tortoiseshell-tabby). As you’d expect at her age, she has some medical issues: kidney/urinary problems, and stress-induced dermatitis that’s caused some scarring and furless areas on her ears and tummy.

Chilling in the cat room

She was fairly hidey for her first couple of days here, but she’s growing in confidence and has been exploring all over the place. She gets on well with the other old lady resident, Duck, and they have a lot in common: being about the same age, both beautiful torties with urinary problems.

I’m not sure what kind of cat she is (I’ve been asked a few times), she looks a lot like Moose who’s supposedly a Norwegian Forest Cat (or large misc tabby, IMO), but her fur is MUCH softer. Honestly, I don’t mind what kind any of them are, they’re all precious floofs and I adore them.

Meemoo absolutely LOVES a fuss, she comes running to me when she wants one and stands up to headbutt my hand. She also does this ADORABLE thing I must get on video where she lifts up one paw to mime me fussing her. It’s the cutest!

She also absolutely loves catnip and the chaise longue, so I put catnip toys on the chaise for her and she rubs her lovely face all over them.

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