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Max Cuddles

Wonky Ear, Maximum Cuddles

June 2010

November 2020

Cuddles, Being High Up

Wet Food (he won’t eat it!)

Please meet Max! He’s a 10-year-old male kitty with a bad ear, as you can see. It’s the cat equivalent of a “cauliflower ear” on a human. As a result, it gets quite manky and needs a lot of cleaning, and he paws at it when he’s upset.

Max also has some pretty hardcore allergies so he’s a tricky one, but I’m mega excited to have given him a forever home to live out his elderly years in.

For the first few days, he had his own room to keep him safely quarantined from the others, but on bonfire night I had to bring them all in together because they were frightened and there’s only one me — and it worked out quite well.

Since then, Max has been acting like he pretty much owns the place! He spends most of his time snuggled up on my bed or the ottoman, and he often comes striding into the hall singing the song of his people for some attention. I love it!

He’s an INCREDIBLY snuggly, cuddly, lovebug of a boy, and I adore him. He had a pretty stressful time at his old home, his littermate was stabbed (!!!) and luckily survived, but I brought his adoption date forward to get him out of Stabsville ASAP. He’s quite cautious of his stomach area, and unexpected touches, but I think once he gets used to not being around kids he’ll relax completely.

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