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Cuddly Tractor Goes Purrrrrrrrrrr

August 2006

May 2021

Belly Rubs, Purring Loudly

Kitten Shenanigans

Laying on a Furious Maud blanket ❤️

JoyJoy is about fifteen years old, and when I adopted her from Broken Halo animal shelter in May, she had sadly lost her eyesight. This was due to her former owner not giving her the thyroid medication she needs for about six months. Consequently, when she arrived at the shelter she was rail thin, blind and very scared. 

JoyJoy’s shelter photo

Her thyroid medication proved a bit of a challenge. Because the universe likes to laugh at me, I have the exact opposite thyroid problem to JoyJoy. Opposite problem, opposite medicine. So, I had to avoid actually touching her tablets, as any contact would completely bugger up my own thyroid.

Somewhat inevitably, I did end up throwing my carefully-balanced endocrine system off by handling her pills (I couldn’t find my gloves… sigh). But she’s more than worth it, and I have no regrets at all.

“I’m you from the future!”

Thankfully, JoyJoy’s not on the tablets anymore. I’ll have to do a separate post about that because when I say a lot has happened since she moved in, I mean a LOT. To put it into perspective, most of it happened the week I was due to move to Nottingham. I don’t do things by halves!

So how is JoyJoy doing now? I’m delighted to say, even better than I could have imagined.

Not so shy anymore!

She’s gained weight, stopped shedding insane (and I do mean INSANE) amounts of fur, and best of all, she’s regained her sight! She has the brightest, loveliest eyes and can now see for herself just how much she’s loved. She purrs like a tractor, so much so that when she last had a check-up, our nurse couldn’t hear her heartbeat underneath all the noise. JoyJoy truly lives up to her name!

Look at that sleepy smile 🥰

After spending the first chunk of her time at the shelter hiding under a sideboard, JoyJoy is now one of the cuddliest queens I’ve ever met. She’s a complete purrbag, curling up next to me on the sofa whilst I work, taking up half my bed at night, enjoying scritches and nuzzles and being told she’s a beautiful girl. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see her out and about, seeking snuggles and wolfing down her food. And napping like a champion, obviously.

Dreaming of Dreamies

Elderly cats aren’t always hard work: sometimes all they need is love and a safe place to live out their days. JoyJoy has definitely found her happy place here and will enjoy her retirement with everything her fluffy little heart desires. Of course, that’s down to you, the Manky Moggies Patrons, so an enormous thank you from me and Her Majesty for your ongoing support, love, and kibbles. 

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